CARCO Group Announces Corporate Rebranding, Introduces Cisive Family of Brands

CARCO Group, Inc., a leading provider of tech-enabled and compliance-driven human capital management solutions, is changing its name to Cisive to better communicate its focus on clear and accurate insights for its HR solutions, security and insurance/fraud prevention clients. As the parent company for all of its businesses, Cisive will house the CARCO and Driver IQ brands and continue its mission to help clients identify fraud and reduce risk through innovative technology.

Building on the success of its HR onboarding, background screening and investigation business, the company is rebranding to keep pace with its growth and drive innovation across the human resource capital management market. The CARCO brand will focus exclusively on pre-insurance vehicle inspections and fraud prevention.

“This is an exciting time of innovation and growth for our company. Cisive (think decisive!) stands for clear and accurate insights that give our clients confidence in their most critical decisions while protecting their brand and reputation,” said Jim Owens, CEO and President of Cisive. Owens further stated, “It has become harder and more complex to determine relevant facts in a world where instant information rules. Decision making is more important than ever, made even more challenging by an ever-growing number of sources, some credible, others not. Further, today’s businesses demand an experience best delivered by technology integrated with human insight.”

Throughout the company’s history, the world’s most prestigious organizations have turned to Cisive for the most accurate and legally compliant background screening and pre-insurance vehicle inspections. As the business environment grows ever more complex, Cisive will continue its focus on information accuracy to ensure clients receive clear and accurate insights in order to make confident business decisions.

The Cisive brand includes the following business divisions:

Cisive, the new name of the HR technology, human resource management solutions and background investigation business lines.

CARCO, the leader in the pre-insurance vehicle inspection and fraud prevention market. The CARCO name will now be focused exclusively on vehicle inspections and fraud prevention.

Driver iQ, the leader in screening for the trucking industry.

The Cisive family of brands will retain the established values and commitment to great customer service that its clients have come to know and expect over the years.

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About Cisive

Cisive is a leading provider of tech-enabled and compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions. The company’s core onboarding and pre-employment background screening offering provides clients with a high quality, regulatory compliant and tech-enabled solution. Cisive currently serves clients across the financial services, transportation and media and telecom end-markets, among others, and offers transportation clients a comprehensive, industry-focused solution through its Driver iQ branded offering. Cisive is headquartered in Holtsville, NY and has office locations in Spring Lake, NC, Tulsa, OK, and Tustin, CA.


Starbucks Hit With Class Action for Violating the FCRA Relating to a Background Check

starbucks-logo-051711Jonathan Rosario claims that Starbucks Corp. denied him a job based on inaccurate results of a background check, without giving him a proper chance to correct those results. In doing so, he claims, Starbucks violated provisions of the FCRA.

In March 2016, Rosario applied for a job at Starbucks in Castle Rock, CO. The background check performed on him listed criminal felony and misdemeanor records from counties in Pennsylvania, some of which involved violent crime and drug-related charges.

Rosario claims that by the time he received the letter from Starbucks informing him that the results of his background check did not meet the company’s requirements, Starbucks had already removed him from consideration for employment.

Rosario says the criminal history that showed up in his Starbucks background check is inaccurate and false. He believes those entries resulted from identity theft, especially since he has never been to Pennsylvania.

Rosario challenged the inaccurate background check by following the dispute procedure of the consumer reporting agency that performed the background check for Starbucks. The errors were corrected, and a representative confirmed to Rosario that a corrected report had been forwarded to Starbucks.

Rosario then contacted Starbucks in an attempt to revive his job application, he says. However, the company declined to revisit its decision to deny him a job.

The law requires that before an adverse decision is made, the job applicant must get a copy of the report and be given a chance to dispute and correct its contents. By failing to give Rosario a meaningful opportunity to dispute the contents of his Starbucks background check, he claims, Starbucks violated the pre-adverse action notification requirements in the FCRA.

Rosario proposes to represent a nationwide plaintiff Class that would include U.S. persons who applied for a job at Starbucks and who were the subject of a Starbucks background check report on which the company based an adverse employment decision, but who did not receive a timely copy of that report or the FCRA summary of rights.

He seeks an award of actual, statutory and punitive damages for himself and the plaintiff Class and reimbursement of court costs and attorneys’ fees, all with pre- and post-judgment interest.

There is an interesting lesson for employers here: Employers may want to revisit their policies regarding keeping a job open while the selected candidate is disputing a background report. The FCRA does not require that jobs be kept open during a dispute. No one can predict what a judge or jury might decide, but either way it will be extremely costly for Starbucks to defend their actions. If this case is decided in plaintiff’s favor, employers will certainly want to revisit their dispute waiting policy.

CARCO can help keep you FCRA compliant. CARCO’s onboarding platform allows clients to be notified if a dispute has been opened based on the clients’ work flow and their decision on whether or not to keep the job open during the dispute.

Contact a CARCO Specialist at 1-866-557-5984 or click here for information on how CARCO’s onboarding platform can keep your company FCRA compliant!


Jonathan Rosario v. Starbucks Corp., Case No. 2:16-cv-01951, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

Are you looking to improve your candidate experience? Here are 5 ways CARCO’s Onboarding Solution can help

istock_000014755946large-happy-employee-with-computerAttracting qualified candidates is difficult in this very competitive and candidate-driven market. According to a recent survey by Aberdeen Group, 45% of companies say improving the candidate experience is their top talent acquisition priority in 2016. Therefore, how recruiters and talent acquisition teams deliver the candidate experience has never been more important.

The better the candidate experience, the more likely your company can attract the best hire. A great onboarding system will organize and streamline the process and give candidates a positive experience. An engaging and positive candidate experience will ensure a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top performers!

CARCO’s Onboarding Solution was designed to focus on the user experience; both the users who will be reviewing background reports in our system and the candidates who will be interacting with our system.

Here’s how CARCO’s Onboarding Solution will help you stand out from the competition.

  1. Automates and organizes the hiring process:  CARCO’s Onboarding Solution was built specifically to alleviate paper-based, time-consuming and labor-intensive new hire processes. Through the use of CARCO’s Onboarding portal, candidates can upload documentation such as education transcripts and/or employment paystubs or statements which may be used to supplement the background report.
  2. Guides candidates throughout the process: CARCO’s Request For Information module (RFI) automatically sends out an email that identifies the elements missing from the application and asks the recipient to take specific action using our Onboarding Solution, including uploading specific documents directly into CARCO’s portal. The candidate will know where he or she stands throughout the entire process.
  3. It’s mobile friendly: Mobile devices have changed the way HR and candidates operate.  CARCO’s mobile app, available in iOS and Android, allows end users to securely submit supporting documents by taking pictures of the documents with their smart phones or tablets. This application uses a QR code to establish login context and is used by the mobile app to identify which documents are required.  The mobile app then walks the candidate through the process seamlessly.  The candidate is prompted to take pictures of their missing documentation, which is then sent securely (the transmission is encrypted) by the mobile app directly to CARCO’s servers for processing.  The pictures of the documents are not stored on the mobile device for security purposes.
  4. Keeps the process efficient: Not one piece of information ever needs to be retyped by a user in our system. In a paper based environment, this is impossible to avoid. In CARCO’s advanced, rules- based electronic environment, this can be effectively managed for the user, preventing any duplicate data entry. This is an important CARCO differentiator and it means that the candidates, recruiters, and other stakeholders are prompted to provide all data, e-sign all forms, and upload any supporting documents all at the time of their initial entry.  In addition to making internal HR and security tasks more efficient, this also strikes at the heart of improving the candidate experience.
  5. Provides e-signature capability: CARCO has extensive capabilities for accepting online candidate consents, in addition to other documents. Candidates can e-sign the online consent directly in CARCO’s Onboarding Solution.  Alternatively, candidates or recruiters can upload a paper-signed consent using our portal directly or via our mobile application for providing documentation. In a typical implementation, most or all candidates e-sign consents, including the authorization for performing the background investigation (FCRA authorization), directly in the portal.

In the end, an organized and streamlined onboarding process will make the candidate feel valued, supported and prepared to move forward with your company in a positive manner.

For more information on how CARCO’s Onboarding Solution can ensure a positive candidate and new hire experience, click here or call 1-866-557-5984 to speak to a CARCO Specialist.

Worried About Employee Retention? Gallup Reports U.S. Employee Engagement Slips Below 33%!

employee engagement 2

A new Gallup poll for the month of May shows that 32.7% of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs. The research shows that out of the remaining 67.3%, 50.9% are “not engaged” and 16.4% are “actively disengaged.” The May 2016 employee engagement average is based on Gallup Daily tracking interviews conducted with 7,327 U.S. adults working for an employer.

Despite dropping below 33.0%, the May employee engagement average remains higher than it was in 2015 and is in line with the generally stronger monthly averages Gallup has recorded over the past six months.

According to Gallup, organizations appear to be making incremental — but important — progress in employee engagement, pushing engagement closer to the rare 33.0% mark. Certain economic factors may also be influencing improvement in engagement levels.

Employee engagement and retention continue to be important issues for HR managers. In a recent SHRM poll, employees cited the following three top reasons they would look for a new job now that the job market has improved:

  • 53% seek better compensation and benefits.
  • 35% cited dissatisfaction with potential career development.
  • 32% said they were ready for a new experience.

Engagement and retention go hand-in-hand. In essence, if you treat your employees right, you will not lose them. It is important to engage them early on in the onboarding process, communicate goals, roles and responsibilities so they know what is expected, and recognize and celebrate success.

CARCO Group, Inc. Joins the City Of Los Angeles’ Blue Ribbon Commission on Employment Equity

CARCO Group, Inc. is proud to announce that Fred Giles, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, has been invited by Los Angeles’ Mayor Garcetti to join his Blue Ribbon Commission on Employment Equity to help “ensure that all Angelenos have a fair chance to secure sustainable, living wage jobs that put them on the path to upward mobility.” 

Mr. Giles’ role on the Committee will include working to support and amplify fair hiring practices throughout the City of Los Angeles, the state of California, and beyond.

According to Mayor Garcetti’s invitation, Mr. Giles has been invited to join this prestigious committee as CARCO has been “a leader in the field of employment equity.”

Per Mr. Giles, CARCO is honored to take part in this initiative.  We all have a role to play in reintegrating individuals as productive members of society after they have paid their debt for past mistakes.”


About CARCO Group, Inc.

CARCO is an HR technology and paperless workflow solutions company. Started in 1977 as a background screening company, CARCO has evolved to become a full-service HR partner, helping clients manage their new hire process in standalone solutions or integrated with their ATS. CARCO’s Onboarding Solution eliminates paper processes and ensures efficient and compliant hiring. Full-service offerings include background screeningglobally, electronic I-9/E-Verify, vendor screening, drug testing, and fingerprinting services. Through its technology, CARCO is able to customize unique programs and quickly respond to changing customer needs.

Having trouble recruiting valuable employees? Here are 5 big recruiting trends for 2016 that might help.

you-hired-word-writing-banner-55916299      Hiring and retaining valued employees continues to be very challenging for most hiring managers. However, experts say that hiring forecasts for 2016 remain strong. To be successful in this candidate driven market, employers must develop a strategic plan.  According to Roy Maurer of HR Magazine, here are some of the recruiting trends experts anticipate this year that should be incorporated into your strategic plan:


  1. Focus on employer branding will grow:  Valuable candidates are in the driver’s seat!  Job seekers are very sophisticated and interested in working with the top companies that offer the values they are interested in. They do their research! Showcasing your employer brand has never been more important. Best practice is to focus on the individual’s needs and match those needs with unique opportunities in your organization.
  2. Use of talent analytics will increase: Analyzing data to measure and improve hiring is critical. As HR and recruiting find the best ways to gather and understand data they will have better insight into issues concerning future and current employees, the best workplace options, and competitor talent pools.
  3. Employers will broaden their sourcing scope: The current lack of qualified candidates is causing organizational leaders to look into developing talent internally, using their internship programs to usher young talent into their employee pipeline, and fundamentally changing their hiring criteria.
  4. HR will look to repair the candidate experience: Organizations are strengthening their onboarding process to ensure that candidates can easily find and apply for open positions. A robust onboarding process is also a way for the company to stay engaged with candidates throughout the hiring process and ensure their onboarding is as easy and efficient as possible.
  5. HR technologies will integrate: A consolidation of tools and cross platform expansion will continue this year at a slow pace as talent acquisition technology shifts from using multiple platforms to utilizing a single platform. 

CASE STUDY: Web-based System Developed for Major Cable Provider with 30,000+ Annual Applicants


When the country’s largest provider of cable services (“the Cable Company”) needed help managing the tracking and screening for the 30,000+ applicants they reviewed annually, they looked to CARCO to provide a user-friendly, web-based system that could be used from both their headquarters and in their many field offices across the United States.

CARCO worked with the Cable Company to develop and implement a background screening program for the 30,000+ annual applicants that also tracked and managed the 350,000+ lead elements associated with those applicants. Because the Cable Company provides services in 39 states and the District of Columbia, the best-in-class, web-based Onboarding Solution provided by CARCO was customized to accommodate screening law variations for each state while providing the following standardized services:

  • Credit history check
  • Social Security number trace
  • Criminal history record check
  • Motor vehicle driver history report
  • Employment verification
  • Professional credential and licensing check
  • Automated notification of applicant’s progress through the system
  • Automated generation of subject notification
  • Customized management reports
  • Electronic invoicing


CARCO’s Onboarding Solution helped the Cable Company streamline their tracking and screening processes in such a manner that recruiters were able to concentrate more on talent acquisition, thus leading to the recruitment and ultimate hiring of more qualified employees.

The 10 Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2016

iStock_000017261466Large Onboarding Sell SheetIt’s no secret in the HR/Talent Acquisition world that the biggest business challenge right now is finding and retaining good employees.  There are some industries that are being hit harder than others.  Unfortunately, according to SHRM’s recent article entitled “The10 Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2016”, it appears that “next year is shaping up to be even tougher as corporate pressure mounts to attract candidates who match the skill sets most in demand. “

Companies are being more creative and flexible with their talent acquisition strategies by using workforce planning and predictive analytics to create a solid recruitment strategy well before any specific jobs need to be filled. Some companies are establishing relationships with colleges as recruitment sources, while others are targeting specific groups as sources for quality candidates.


As the workforce continues to age and technology continues to evolve, demand for qualified employees will rise. While companies should focus on finding the right strategy to find qualified employees, it is also more important than ever to ensure that every touch point in your hiring process is a positive one for new employees – from onboarding to background screening to orientation and getting the employee up to speed and assimilated in an effective and efficient manner.


As many HR/Talent Acquisition managers know, it’s only half the battle to recruit qualified employees.  The other half is retain them!


To see the full list of toughest jobs to fill, go to:


71% of Workers Looking for New Jobs

According to JobVite’s 2014 Job Seeker National Study, 71% of workers are either actively looking for a job or are open to new opportunities.  Employee retention is a critical issue for HR managers.  Employee retention starts with CARCO’s ONBOARDING SOLUTION!
*  Easy to use
* Automated
* Customizable
* Compliant
Ensure a great onboarding experience with CARCO’s Onboarding Solution!   Call CARCO at 866-557-5984 or visit today!

Happy is Good!!

Happy is Good!

To our friends in HR:  Wouldn’t it be great to go to work every day and feel like you’ve made great strides in accomplishing your goals?  Wouldn’t it be great to feel less stressed, more organized and happy with your job?  Instead of pushing paper, wouldn’t it be great to be able to quickly and efficiently fill those open positions?

We, at CARCO, “felt” your pain and developed the best, most robust solution to streamline your new hire process.  CARCO’s Onboarding Solution eliminates inefficient, paper-based procedures in favor of a proactive task oriented, self-service solution!   We even included a “wet” mouse signature!  CARCO’s Onboarding Solution provides complete e-document management of your hiring process!   And that will make you very happy!

We want to spread the joy!  Come by to see us at BOOTH #2614 at the SHRM 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA, June 24-26, 2012.   While you’re there, enter our raffle to win an IPad 3.

If you can’t make the show, visit or call us at 866-557-5984.  We know that our Onboarding Solution will make you happy.  And happy is good!!