FREE Webcast: “Background Screening Compliance Trends”

Please join us for this FREE Webcast:  Background Screening Compliance Trends

By Frederick Giles, CPP, Senior Vice President, CARCO Group, Inc.

May 16, 2012 @ 3:00 -4:00 PM EST

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This session will cover the current hot topics in background screening. Compliance is both a concern and a challenge with rapidly changing laws, new regulators and new concerns generated by new tools. This session will provide an inside view of the changing compliance issues for those involved in background screening. Covered will be the recently released Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance and stance regarding the use of credit and criminal history research for employment decisions. History and background for that guidance will be discussed to provide both context and to provide advice and warnings to reduce the likelihood of becoming a target of an EEOC investigation.
Sweeping the country, “Ban-the-box” legislation is changing what is permissible to ask on applications. This session will cover that topic, explain why it is important and suggest a compliance strategy.
Next up, social media research is becoming more and more common as a pre-employment tool for employers. The problem for many employers is that this sort of research is so new, policies and guidance about how to properly conduct the research is hard to find. As a result, companies are in danger of running afoul of existing law, new laws being passed, or becoming the subject of new case law. This session will cover the pitfalls of doing social media research and make some recommendations to avoid those traps.
Privacy issues are an underlying and overriding concern when conducting any employment background screening. This session will briefly cover how privacy concerns affects background screening, and provide some very simple suggestions for human resource professionals to stay out of trouble.

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This session is recommended for HR professionals who perform or supervise background screening of employees or applicants.

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