The Role of Social Media in Employment Screening

The use of social media research in pre-employment screening and periodic employee re-screening is a hot topic for HR managers. The subject has been discussed in this and other forums over the last year but we are still being asked for guidelines and recommendations from many of our clients.

With social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is very easy for employers to find vast amounts of public information on prospective employees.  However, the legal implications of using public social profiles in the decision-making process can be costly.  Because we have received so many recent requests from clients and prospects, CARCO has worked closely with its counsel on FCRA and privacy matters to put together guidelines and recommendations on using social media research as part of pre-employment screening or employee periodic re-screening.  I wanted to share and discuss these guidelines with you.  Please see the link below.

 It should be noted that CARCO’s outside counsel for FCRA and privacy matters is a former FTC attorney and special counsel to the President on privacy, and is preeminent in this field.

Information contained in this white paper is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.  Employers should contact their legal counsel when setting company policy on the use of social media in hiring decisions.