Important E-Verify Update

E- Verify Update as of June 29 2010.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a Privacy Impact Assessment update of the E-Verify program. In the update, DHS provides an update about additional information that E-Verify will now require from new employers that register with the employment eligibility verification system. This new information will be sent to Dun & Bradstreet, an organization that provides a range of information about businesses; the information will be compared against Dun & Bradstreet’s database to ensure that the new employer is indeed an official enterprise.

New information that will be collected include the following:

The employer’s DBA name, if applicable (Doing Business As).

The employer’s DUNS number, if available (a Dun & Bradstreet identification number). If the employer does not have a DUNS number, the employer’s address, phone number and other data will be used to clearly authenticate the employer.

The corporate administrator’s name.

The parent organization, if applicable.

The place where the employer heard about the E-Verify program (an optional field).

If Dun & Bradstreet is able to verify the authenticity of the employer, the new employer will then be able to automatically register for an E-Verify account. If Dun & Bradstreet is unable to verify the employer’s authenticity, the employer will then need to be contacted via phone or email

Attorney General’s Report on Criminal History Background Checks

Over the last several months, I have initiated and participated in several blogs about the importance of conducting thorough criminal history record checks as part of the pre employment screening process and the use of databases. This is a very important step in the vetting process which can not only help in hiring the right person for the job, but also protects the company from serious litigation and safeguards the workplace for all employees.  CARCO’s position has always been to process criminal history record checks with the utmost vigilance by checking several sources and re-verifying all information. I wanted to share with you the recent report from the Attorney General’s Office on Criminal History Background Checks, which confirms CARCO’s position on this subject.

A study released by the US Department of Justice suggests that the long-held belief that FBI information is perfect is less than disserved. Among the surprising admissions, the FBI system which is known as the Interstate Identification Index (III or Triple I) system, is, “missing final disposition information for approximately 50 percent of its records.” The result is that even if an employer were to get this information, the responsible party would need to locate the original record and determine if the record was a conviction or not. Even more stunning was the admission that, “State records are also more complete and up-to-date than the FBI-maintained records.” The report reaches that conclusion that, “The fact is that there is no single source of complete information about criminal history records. A check of both public and commercial databases and of primary sources of criminal history information such as county courthouses would, perhaps, provide the most complete and up-to-date information.”

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