Are you overwhelmed trying to understand the different E-Verify federal/state/county requirements? If so, don’t worry – there’s an easy solution!

By Doreen Koronios

Stop feeling overwhelmed and don’t panic.  Help is here!  CARCO’s electronic E-Verify Program is the solution!

On January 1, 2010, new state and local E-Verify requirements went into effect in several states. How does your HR department keep up with the ever changing requirements? Fines for non-compliance are hefty. Recently, a Cincinnati based Food company paid a $536,046 fine as a result of a worksite enforcement investigation conducted by ICE. The investigation resulted in a raid of the facility and the arrest of 161 undocumented workers.

To assist businesses in understanding E-Verify, CARCO recently hosted an informational webinar with its new partner, myStaffingPro.The webinar was well attended with 64 participants who were very engaged and had many questions regarding E-Verify compliance. During the Webinar, CARCO’s Alan Gordon explained E-Verify and its implications for U.S. businesses, which included:

  • Explanation of E-Verify
  • Definition of who is impacted by E-Verify
  • Steps on how to automate your process
  • Tips on how to avoid penalties and fines

Get your E-Verify Facts straight. While it seems that using the E-Verify database is an easy process, there are many specific challenges that make it difficult to be complaint. Here are a few of those challenges that you might not be aware of:

  • Query must be initiated by third business day of actual start date
  • Tentative Non-Confirmation (“yellow light”) process is long and difficult to manage
  • False positives
  • No adverse action can be taken while employee is contesting tentative non-confirmation
  • Employees must be terminated if not authorized

What are the benefits of using CARCO’s automated E-Verify process?

  • Leverages Onboarding technology
  • Codifies the arduous tentative non-confirmation process in electronic workflow, eliminating your administrative  burden
  • Data flows through from previous steps in the process, eliminating duplicate data-entry
  • Real-time submission to DHS upon employer e-signing I-9
  • Tightly coupled with the electronic I-9
  • E-mail notifications for both I-9 and E-Verify system turns our solution into an “Active” system (as opposed to a passive one)
  • Escalation notices via e-mail if due dates approach and/or elapse

CARCO’s I-9/E-Verify specialists are standing by to help you with your process. For more information, call 1-866-557-5984 or email us at

Eliminating the Never-Ending Piles of Paperwork

By Doreen Koronios

Companies now, more than ever, are shifting to a paperless work environment. As I look at my own desk, bulging with piles of paper, it’s not hard to justify the ROI on making such a move. I must admit, I am a little “old school” about holding on to my files and printing copies of everything that I also file electronically.  But I’m finally at the breaking point as my workspace becomes smaller and smaller and my piles become higher and higher. I’m ready to embrace an e-friendly paperless environment!

In general, the first benefit that most companies expect when moving to a paperless environment is the reduction in the space needed to store the paperwork, printing costs, and the reduced work time involved in producing and filing the paperwork.

However, one of the most important benefits is efficiency. Let’s use the hiring process as an example.  How much time and effort on the part of the HR department is spent on a manual, paper-based hiring process?   In general, most companies have the following paper forms that must be completed during the pre-hire and post-hire process:

  • Employment Application
  • FCRA Authorization Form
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Testing Scheduling
  • Fingerprinting
  • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement
  • I-9/E-Verify Form
  • W-4
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • EEOC Self Disclosure Form
  • New Employee Handbook
  • Company Policies
  • Benefits Enrollment Form
  • Exit Interview

That’s a lot of paperwork!  Manually filling these out takes a lot of time and leaves a lot of room for error and inefficiencies, which will ultimately delay the new hire process. Luckily for you, CARCO’s fast-track Onboarding Solution makes it easy to streamline the new hire process by eliminating manual, paper-based processes in favor of legal and complaint e-signature protocols.  Simply put, CARCO’s Onboarding Solution allows your applicants to enter their information and credentials directly into an online application or kiosk, thus eliminating the data entry – and ultimately the cost of labor and inefficiencies that you would typically incur.  Additionally, audits are a piece of cake and compliance is a lay-up! There is also an increased level of security as the applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information.  It’s a win-win process for everyone involved!

Now is the time to look into a dependable e-friendly management process! Please contact us to see how CARCO can streamline your hiring process.